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Heard County Tax Assessors:
Updating the County Tax Digest
September 8, 2017
Press Release from Heard County Tax Assessors:

Heard County is currently under contract with the firm Norman Appraisal Services to assist the County Board of Assessors with updating the county tax digest.

A representative from Norman Appraisal will soon be visiting each property in the County. Each representative will have vehicle and personal identification from Heard County. If the property owner is not at home, a county “door hanger” will be left for the home owner to assure accuracy for the interior description.

The field representatives will be taking a front and rear photograph of each structure on the property as well as updating any changes to the property since the last countywide update.

The State Department of Revenue requires counties to do this every 3 years.

If there are any questions, contact the Heard County Tax Assessors office at (706) 675-3786.

Maps being visited in the coming weeks are 0052, 0045, 0044, 0051 and 0043.
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